How to Get Your Hair Winter Ready

If you’d like to get ready for the cold winter weather, try these hair prep tips. They’ll help you keep your locks tame throughout the winter months.

Trouble With Flyaway Hair?

Flyaway hair is the result of the drying effects of the cold winter weather. Avoid brittleness by keeping your hair moisturized. 

Try and find winter-appropriate hair products for your particular hair type. If possible, try to avoid hair products containing glycerin as this will reduce the effects of the product leeching moisture from your hair.   

Stay Trimmed and Protected

To help keep the inevitable winter split ends at bay, your hair care schedule should include regular trims. 

The zero temperatures outside also mean you can let your hair air dry on the way to work which means more heat from blow drying. Heat tools such as flattening irons and curling tongs also put unwanted stress on your hair. It’s therefore critical that you protect your hair with products designed to provide heat styling protection. 

Keep Your Style in Place

There are going to be plenty of blustery days during the winter but you can keep your style intact with a high-quality product. To tame and control your style throughout the day, keep a travel-size hair spray in your bag. 

The winter can also make your colored hair look dull and faded. Counter this by using a good color conditioner and shampoo. Try to use a leave-in conditioner once a week as this will help to lock in moisture.  


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