How Should A Co-ord Set Be Styled For A Glam Look?

Co-Ords are a fashion trend that is gradually gaining traction globally. Today, it’s common to see men and women walking down the street wearing matched ensembles. Co-ords, slang for coordinated clothing, can have various interpretations among people. There are many different methods to style your co-ord. Influencers and fashion bloggers continuously aim to introduce us to trends on social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok.

Why are co-ords currently so in vogue?

For those who need it explained, a co-ord is the perfect hassle-free set of matching top and bottom. In terms of colour and design, the top is an exact match for the skirt or pants. A co-ord is any outfit combining two separate items to form a whole, like a blouse, skirt, or matching tracksuit set.

The main reason co-ords are currently popular is that they remove all the stress associated with selecting an outfit. We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to put together a cute outfit only to feel like nothing matches. We’ve all experienced the stress of trying to put together a cute outfit only to feel like nothing matches. Yet, co-ords are designed to keep you looking great while helping you avoid this problem.

Another reason co-ords are so popular is because there are options for every aspect of your life. There is a coordinated outfit for every situation, from the office or the gym to lounging or special occasions.

Co-ords For Work

When choosing your professional attire, a neutral-toned co-ord set is a wonderful place to start and will help you achieve a polished and sophisticated image. Selecting an example that screams chic and refined is typically preferred.


Remember to accessorise with some understated jewellery if you’re wearing professional attire. Also, choose a pair of shoes and a bag to help you convey the necessary professional image. Wear your suit, which is the first piece of matching clothing!

Co-ords for Gym Wear

Maintaining your health and fitness should be a priority, but finding gym clothes that flatter your physique and provide adequate support can be challenging. Activewear is becoming more and more common, and for a good reason. After all, nothing inspires you to work out more than wearing stylish, relaxed clothing that makes you feel confident.

If you are familiar with yoga, gym, and sportswear, you understand how crucial it is to dress appropriately when exercising. Quit speculating what to wear to the gym and opt for a co-ord set.

Coords for special occasions

Having a backup strategy is a good idea, especially if you’ll be gone for a while. Dresses in two pieces, matching jackets, and formal gowns


The best course of action would be to remember that formal events could last all day, necessitating the selection of a comfortable outfit that also appears elegant and acceptable for the setting. Again, accessories are a great way to give your look a personal touch, especially when worn with comfy shoes for the day.

There are coordinated sets for any taste due to the variety. Check out EVERY single one of ONLY’s amazingly unique and charming co-ord sets!  

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