Footwear Every Man Should Have

Let’s face it, first impressions matter! While people often pay attention to your hair or your handshake the first time they meet you, footwear also makes an impression as part of your outfit. Suppose you’re trying to impress potential employers or a lover you are interested in. You should opt for a chic and right pair of footwear to keep your outfit as put together as possible. 

Shopping for shoes can be overwhelming when you have a wide selection of styles available in stores and online. But worry not; we’ve narrowed it down to the must-have essentials to help you out! Take a look. 

Leather Boots

There’s nothing better than a reliable pair of boots to add to your wardrobe. They’re classy and timeless. A perfect match for a formal outfit or a semi-formal look, a pair of laced leather boots deserves a place on your shoe shelf. 

The Suede Loafer

There’s nothing as easy to put on like a pair of loafers. They continue to be produced and sold on a large scale, proving their popularity. Loafers are a great alternative to sneakers and look super chic with a casual t-shirt and jeans look. They would also be the perfect pair to match a basic shirt and jeans outfit. The versatility of suede is arguably greater than that of the leather, thus making them a must-have in your wardrobe.


The best pair of men’s sneakers now provide as many features as our smartphones, but you cannot possibly wear them for a run or workout. It’s smart to invest in a good pair of trainers that would keep you comfortable and not expose you to injury stemming from wearing the wrong footwear.


Sneakers are the holy grail of men’s footwear, and they’re the most versatile and comfortable pair of shoes to own. Many types of sneakers for men are available that look different and have different features and colours.

Men’s slip-on sneakers are quite popular among youngsters as the slip ons are easy to grab. Most people, however, would probably go for the white leather low top if they had to choose just one to immortalise.

Flip Flops

If one pair of footwear was the most used in anyone’s shoe cabinet, it has to be the pair of flip flops. These are essential pairs to stock for a quick pharmacy or grocery store visit. Additionally, you can also keep a pair to wear inside your home. So, if you haven’t gotten yourself a pair of spectacular flip flops or are looking to buy another pair, visit the Jack & Jones online shopping website, as they have tons of flip flops for men.

Now that you know which footwear a man should have, you should stop scrolling and start browsing through what Jack & Jones offers. It’s not just footwear that they have, but clothes from bottom wear to tops and even loungewear. Just get set!


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